Robert’s Books

I have written two books for self-help and expansion of consciousness: 

BODY SIGNALS: HEALING THROUGH PHYSICAL INTUITION. This book describes many systems to help you become aware of your own personal truth, including Spirit Guides, the chakras and the Tree of Life. Meditations are included to help you make these paradigms accessible.

THE PRACTICAL SHAMAN: BONDING WITH THE EARTH IN THE NEW AGE. This book helps to awaken your inner shaman, to help Gaia the Light Body of the Earth to evolve creatively. Included is a meditation to help you access other levels of consciousness, including past lives.

These are now available as e-books. Click on the following links to order —
from Amazon: Body Signals  and The Practical Shaman
from Barnes and Noble: Body Signals  and The Practical Shaman 

They also are available as used hard copies from online sources. Autographed copies are available directly from me when I am on the United States mainland.

I HAVE JUST PUBLISHED AN AUDIOBOOK “BEYOND BINARY: A MEMOIR” through Findaway Voices. This book includes autobiographical material, spiritual teaching and guided meditations. It’s available through many vendors, including Spotify. ENJOY!

In addition, you can find several meditations and spiritual teachings at the Meditations and Teachings page on this website.