I’m a professional intuitive counselor, metaphysical teacher and global shaman.


Since a near death experience in 1973 during surgery, I have consciously explored pathways to expansion of consciousness. Part of my learning involves being of service to others as an Intuitive Coach. I use my inner guidance to address the concerns of my clients and give them practical advice. In private sessions I read the information contained in their LIGHT BODY in order to support them on their life path and to help them manifest their purpose more deeply. I also channel relevant information from their Spirit Guides and my own during the sessions, in answer to specific questions. I can enhance my readings with the help of astrological data if requested. I also specialize in helping people develop greater awareness of their body’s own intuition through opening pathways of light in the cells and chakras.

In past life regression I use guided imagery and suggestion, to facilitate the client’s experience of other incarnations that are affecting their  life today, such as in the areas of relationships, career, talents and phobias. I help people see the current connections among their many lifetimes — all time is simultaneous from the point of view of the soul!

I use the shamanic technique of soul retrieval to help individuals re-integrate parts of themselves which have split off through trauma. This includes introducing them to their power animals who help them develop greater conscious connection with the Earth.


Since the 1980’s I have involved myself with citizen diplomacy on a global level, reinforcing healing communities in cultures whose peoples are preparing to leap into a new level of freedom, such as in present day Myanmar. With this aim I was guided to do extensive teaching in the former Soviet Union, on the subjects of shamanism, rebirthing (conscious breathing) and metaphysics. In 2000-2002 I  helped to develop a community of Reiki healers in Havana, Cuba, where Reiki has been officially recognized as an alternative healing modality. This community continues to thrive.

From 2004 to 2008 I resided on Maui, Hawaii, where I was on assignment by Gaia to re-energize Haleakala volcano. I have recently returned to Maui with the same assignment. I have traveled the world as a mobile, global shaman, doing work in the US, Mexico, France, Nepal, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos and Myanmar. I have gone on many pilgrimages for the purpose of energizing and connecting sacred sites. Before covid, for many years I considered Chiang Mai, Thailand to be my home base. Now in 2023 I have been sojourning on Maui once again. I do my shamanic work wherever I am — it’s all one planet!

Part of my mission is to link up specific power places to the Earth’s healing grid. This can involve both solitary pilgrimage and group activity, both to places I visit regularly (such as Haleakala on Maui) and to “new” places where I feel guided to go “on assignment.” In 1993 at Pipestone, Minnesota, I was told by the inner voice: “Your prayers have been answered — you are now at home wherever you are!” And so it has been.


I now have  Zoom and Skype, which makes it easy to do online visual consultations & stay connected wherever I am. I can record private sessions digitally — after the session I e-mail you the file of your consultation, which you can play on your computer or smart phone.

My books include BODY SIGNALS: HEALING THROUGH PHYSICAL INTUITION, and THE PRACTICAL SHAMAN: BONDING WITH THE EARTH IN THE NEW AGE. They are now available in e-book format online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also purchase hard copies of “The Practical Shaman” and “Body Signals” from me when I am on the US Mainland, as well as from used book sites online. I have just published a new audiobook BEYOND BINARY: A MEMOIR with Findaway Voices as distributor. It will soon be available through many subscription services including Apple Audiobooks and Spotify.

In my group seminars I emphasize strengthening the co-creative process between the individual and Gaia, the Light Body of the Earth, to help us shift our density both as a species and personally as the Earth accelerates her vibration. My seminars include experiences of  conscious breathing and meditation, to achieve deeper experiences of bliss and transcendence in the body.


For many years I have been guided by the Global Council of beings who oversee our planet, also known as the Consortium, Gardeners of the Earth, etc., to  create bridges of awareness multi-dimensionally between the Earth and other star systems, such as the Pleiades, where my intuitive system of Body Signals originates. This I do personally through pilgrimage, and collectively through group field trips. Since 2008 I have been guided to do this work in locations such as Sedona, AZ; the Black Hills of  South Dakota; the south of France with the Mary Magdalene energy; the foothills of the Himalayas near Dharamsala, India; in Colima, the Yucatan and Tepoztlan, Mexico; along the Mekong River in Laos and Thailand; in northern Cambodia; in upper Myanmar near Mandalay; and in the mountains of northern Thailand near Chiang Mai, where I was based for many years. I also have done extensive meditations in the Midwest and Mid-South of the United States with Native American mounds. These pilgrimages have been intense and rewarding experiences which I encourage you to cultivate in your own way. THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY!

I will be traveling and doing seminars on the US Mainland in the summer and fall of 2023. See the EVENTS page for details.


You can phone/text me at 1 808 268 8047, or e-mail me at [email protected]

I send you many blessings and much aloha!

Robert K. Dubiel