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I have been traveling around the Midwestern United States since mid-March, doing intuitive counseling and seminars. Thank you to my clients and students — this time has been very productive!

I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand July 15th, plan to sojourn here till spring 2020.


Wherever I am, I am available for private intuitive counseling, past life regression and soul retrieval in person, as well as intuitive counseling, past life readings and astrology by phone and Skype.

Contact me directly to make an appointment for a private session — 1 808 268 8047 (Voicemail or text), or


I request preregistration for my workshops — to preregister contact me directly.  To prepare for these seminars you may want to read material on my MEDITATIONS AND TEACHINGS page on this website.


I am now available for in person intuitive counseling, past life regression, soul retrieval and astrology sessions during my travels, as well as by phone and Skype around the world!

Session rates are currently $70 for a half hour of intuitive counseling, $125 for an hour, and $180 for 90 minutes.
Rates for astrology, past life regression and soul retrieval are $125. 

A lot of past life information is currently coming through in great depth during my sessions!

I can record both in person and phone sessions digitally, e-mailing you the file which you can play on your smart phone or computer!

My books BODY SIGNALS and THE PRACTICAL SHAMAN are now available in e-book format. Click on links in ROBERT’S BOOKS (under Meditations and Teachings) to order copies online.

To make an appointment for a private intuitive session and for more information contact me at and by Voicemail or text at 1 808 268 8047. I am open to offering classes and meditations for groups in your home or local meeting room wherever I am.

For further info on my approach to meditation and spiritual practice, click on the Meditations and Teachings Page above.



Robert K Dubiel

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