Recent Travels and Current Schedule

Last year’s travels included a journey to Mt. Shasta and Lake Tahoe to work with the Spirits of Place there. I also enjoyed working with the Spirits of Crested Butte and Pikes’s Peak, Colorado!

I am currently being guided to present seminars to help strengthen our connection with our Earth Mother Gaia, while experiencing healing and transcendence in this dimension.

See specific workshops and events below.



I will be wending my way up north in April — to Chicagoland April 7-12, Appleton Wisconsin, April 13th to 17th, LaPorte, Indiana the 18th through 20th, and St. Charles, Illinois the 21st and 22nd. I will be available for private intuitive sessions, past life regression and soul retrieval during my visit. I plan to return to the Lake Michigan area in July.

Soon I will be planning my spring visit to Rockford and Sterling, Illinois, and the Quad Cities — stay tuned!

I will be returning to Columbia, MO June 14- 19. Workshop topic to be announced.

Contact me directly to make an appointment for a private session — 1 808 268 8047, or


I request preregistration for my workshops — to preregister contact me directly.  To prepare for these seminars you may want to read sample chapters of my books BODY SIGNALS and THE PRACTICAL SHAMAN — go to BOOKS to access sample chapters and to purchase complete copies online as ebooks!


I am now available for in person intuitive counseling, past life regression, soul retrieval and astrology sessions in Martin, Tennessee, as well as by phone and Skype around the world!

As of February 1, 2016 session rates are $70 for a half hour, $125 for an hour, and $180 for 90 minutes for intuitive counseling.
Rates for astrology, past life regression and soul retrieval are $125. 

I am available for private intuitive sessions wherever I am. My in person sessions include intuitive counseling, past life regression, soul retrieval and astrology. By phone & Skype I can do intuitive counseling, past life readings and astrology.

I can record both in person and phone sessions digitally, e-mailing you the file which you can play on your smart phone or computer!

My books BODY SIGNALS and THE PRACTICAL SHAMAN are now available in e-book format! Click on links in ROBERT’S BOOKS (under Meditations and Teachings) to order copies online.

To make an appointment for a private intuitive session and for more information contact me at  and by phone/text at

1 808 268 8047. I am open to offering classes and meditations for groups in your home or local meeting room wherever I am!

For further info on my approach to meditation and spiritual practice, click on the Meditations and Teachings Page above.


Wherever I am, whether in Asia, Europe, Hawaii or the Americas, I am available for private sessions, expansion of consciousness seminars and attunements to transcendence. I am available by phone and Skype for intuitive counseling sessions as well as in person. To set up an appointment, e-mail me at — or you can leave me a voice/text message at 1-808-268-8047.

Finally: Remember to develop the 4 root qualities of joy, loving kindness, compassion and equanimity as you let your Light shine in the world!


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